MAXIMA Health Research can provide service and act as a consulting agent in the field of regulatory support in all CIS countries.

  • Completion of documents, required for product registration
  • Collecting and handling the dossier for the primary registration/renewal/inclusion of changes according to the legislative requirements
  • Support of all the stages and procesess of registration in the local agencies and authorities
  • Development, approval and implementation of various types of packaging and local labeling in the manufacturing process
  • Applications to patent authority, support for patent protection and protection of trade names at the different stages


MAXIMA could provide service and act as your consulting agent in all CIS countries.

Scientific and medical information support

Scientific medical information / advice to assist the promotion and advertising of pharmaceutical goods and products.

Our experts will undertake advanced and specialized medical problem and thus help you save time and focus on issues of applied marketing, analytics and positioning.


  • help in preparation of promotional materials for health service professionals 
  • scientific editing of the material in specialized local publications
  • preparation of analytic reviews of the certain subject 
  • informing and supporting the leading health service professionals of the target areas for the formation and optimized usage of professional and public opinion
  • preparation of training modules in the issues and the scope of the product for training of medical representatives
  • educational and social programs for consumers
  • processing of medical issues (creating of database with standard questions, disputed aspects, writing science-based answers)

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